Google Text Ads Become Touchable, Get a Great Big Arrow Pointing the Way

Google is revamping the look of its text ads on the Display Network

Google text ads are getting a bit of a revamp, the larger units now include a big arrow which acts as the link. The idea is to make the ads more visible and easier to use on touch input devices.

Google has been testing the changes and saw an improvement on clickthrough, so it is now rolling out the redesigned text ads across its Google Display Network.

The arrows are displayed only with the big units and will follow the color palette website owners have chosen.

For default ads with white backgrounds, the arrow will be grey. For other background colors, the arrows will be a different shade of those colors.

The changes were made so that the ads look the same across devices, mobile ads already had this look. Now, all text ads on the Display Network will look the same no matter what device they're seen on.

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