Google TV Throws Europeans a Bone, to Help with the Expansion

Catered content and apps are still far and few between, even for US Google TV owners

Google TV is expanding into Europe, as devices are becoming available over the Atlantic now. With a device like this though, just having the physical thing doesn't amount to much, it has to be supported with content and services for it to make any sense.

Thankfully, Google is doing some things for the European markets as well, albeit not much. There's now a "Eurochannel," a channel for Euro as it were.

The channel is actually an app and it's not really new, but Europeans that were lucky, or unlucky, enough to get their hands on a Google TV will take whatever they can.

The app comes with European content, in several languages, though there are subtitles for most of it. If you're looking for local content, or just to broaden your media horizons, it's a good place to start.

That said, Google TV is suffering from content problems in the US, so you can imagine it's worse in Europe. It's still an early adopter device.

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