Google TV Is Slowly Merging into Android, Gets Updated to Jelly Bean

Google believes the future of Google TV is Android

Google didn't have any big announcement for Google TV at I/O this year but, then again, it didn't have any big announcements for many of its products.

However, while there may have been little on Google's still going TV box project, the company did say that devices were getting updated to the latest and greatest Android 4.2.2.

Users are also getting an updated Chrome, the default browser in Google TV. It's a major update which should improve performance while also providing access to a wider range of apps. But it does little to fix Google TV's big problems.

It is a step in the right direction though. Previously, Google wasn't even eager to talk about the TV's Android origins.

Now, it's pushing the Google TV software all the way back towards stock Android, for better or for worse.

It probably makes sense too, as Android is hugely popular so anything that Google TV can do to be more like Android, and thus easier for developers to get into, is a good thing.

There are already plenty of Chinese manufacturers using stock Android on media devices, though the experience is far from ideal.

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