Google TV Gets Play Music and Movies in the UK, Germany and France

Australia and Canada are apparently next to get access to the music and movie store

Google TV isn't exactly the most popular Google device. Granted, Apple is having the same problems with its own Apple TV. Whatever the problem, Google is not giving up, it is now announcing that Google Play music and movies is becoming available on Google TV devices in more places on November 13, the day the Nexus 4 and the Nexus 10 go on sale.

Google's music and movie stores has been available in the US for a long time and Google is only now starting to make them available in more places.

The Nexus 7 tablet was a pioneer in this and the reason why the Nexus 7 is available in so few countries is precisely because the Google Play music and movie store is available in so few countries.

Back to Google TV, Google Play music and movies only started selling on the device last month and only in the US. But Google is now expanding coverage to the United Kingdom, Germany and France.

What's interesting is that Google jumped the gun a bit and initially said that Australia and Canada would be getting the same, but this is not true. However, you can expect those two countries to be included soon.

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