Google Street View Israel Adds Hundreds of New Locations in 360-Degrees

Google is always expanding Street View coverage and adding new locations

Google started publishing Street View photos in Israel last year, but it's only now that it can say it's got the country covered with the release of images for hundreds of new locations. Cities, villages and history sites are all covered, making a virtual trip a lot more interesting.

"You can now virtually tour the picturesque city of Safed in the North, the coral reef in Eilat in the South, visit the lowest point on earth at the Dead Sea, and wander around the narrow passageways of the old city of Acre," Google explained.

There are plenty of other places to see. It's not just for tourists, the images make it easier to scout a place you're headed to or check out what some of the places where you used to live look like these days.

With hundreds of new locations added, much of the country is now covered, but Google is working on shooting and adding images for even more places. The easiest way of finding out where there are new images is by going to Google Maps.

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