Google Street View Goes Inside Buildings Ravaged by the Japan Tsunami

Google already captured outside images of the area affected

Google is continuing to document the aftermath of the devastating 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

Last year, Google unveiled Street View images captured in the areas affected by the disaster, the gallery served as a reminder of the forces of nature but also as a reminder of the resilience of man, as many of the areas have been rebuilt in the meantime.

But Google also went inside and captured photos from the buildings affected but still standing. It used the same technology it regularly uses for its business interior photos to shoot 360-degree panoramas of those places.

The images are now live on both Google Maps and the Memories for the Future memorial website.

"We worked with four city governments in the Tōhoku area to photograph more than 30 buildings," Google explained.

"After long consultations with their citizens, many local governments have decided to move forward with demolishing the buildings. Knowing this, we quickly moved to photograph the buildings before they started to be dismantled," it said.

Google won't stop here, there are plans to shoot at more locations, while it's possible. For now though, you can take a tour of the locations it already went to.

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