Google Street View Captures the Picturesque British Canals

The Street View Trekker is going to some of the more interesting locations in the UK

A couple of months ago, Google made a very interesting addition to Google Maps, map data for canals in the UK. With that, users could discover alternative and interesting new routes for their travels.

Now, the partnership with the British Canal and River Trust is going deeper as Google will be adding Street View imagery from the many canals that criss-cross Britain.

"Starting on the Regent’s Canal in London this week, we'll spend a month walking the Trekker over 100 miles to capture footage of some of the country’s most scenic waterway locations," the Canal & River Trust announced.

"With the Trekker designed to capture 360 degree imagery in public locations, which the Street View car and Trike can’t typically reach, the narrow waterway footpaths and bridges are ideal places to trial the Trekker," it added.

It's going to take a while before all the imagery is captured and a while longer for all of it to be processed and published. For now, the plan is to walk the trekker down the entire length of the Regent's Canal but also through the Bingley Five Rise and the blacksmiths workshop in the Stoke Bruerne village, along side the Grand Union Canal.

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