Google Still Has the Biggest Salaries, Compared to Facebook, Apple

Software engineers make the most at Google compared to other tech companies

Google is very well known for its perks. Its employees have everything they need, free food, on-site everything, hair salons, gyms and so on.

But that doesn't mean Google is skimping out on the salary either, its engineers are the best paid in Silicon Valley.

According to a new study by Glassdoor, the average Google software engineer makes a base salary of $128,336, €97,890, more than they would at Facebook, Apple or Zynga.

Facebook engineers make $123,626, €94,297 slightly less than Google's, but the gap is narrowing. It makes sense too, Facebook's share price is tumbling so its employees don't have stock options or shares to make up for a lower salary.

That's a problem for Facebook, Zynga, Groupon and everyone else that's seen its stock price drop considerably.

Among the other tech companies, Apple pays $114,413, €87,270, but you get the honor of working at Apple of course, eBay, $108,809, €82,995 and Zynga a paltry $105,568, €80,523.

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