Google Spends Billions on Its Data Centers

In the first three months, Google spent over $2 billion for its data centers

Google’s brand new earnings report reveals quite a few things, including the fact that the company is paying a lot more attention to its data centers.

In the first quarter of 2014 alone, Google spent $2.35 billion on its data centers, as the documents reveal, the same amount it spent during the entire year of 2008.

As The Register points out, Google spends increasingly more than its competitors, including Amazon and Microsoft. For instance, in the most recent quarter, Amazon shelled out $880 million for its data centers, while Microsoft only spent $1.7 billion.

This points out just how large the company is and how much data it processes, but also how much it wants to evolve.

It’s not exactly a secret that Google is always trying to improve its servers, to bring new things that it can integrate in the data centers. Google’s “Deep Learning” ambitions are obviously something that the company continues to spare no expense for. This is generally used to improve image recognition, as well as the way the company’s search engine understands natural language.

A couple of weeks ago, a chart was made by Greenpeace revealing just how much companies had done to take their data centers “green.” Basically, Greenpeace takes into account whether companies are powering up their businesses with the help of green energy sources.

Google’s data centers receive energy from mixed sources, out of which the renewable ones represent 48 percent. The company has 13 such centers, which means the maintenance costs are quite high.

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