Google Shows Restaurant Menus in Card-Format in Search Results

After a few weeks of testing, the new restaurant menu cards are official

A couple of weeks ago, Google was playing around with a new feature that seems to have found a permanent home on the company’s search engine – restaurant menus.

Google Search can now pull up all the details you may want about the menu from a certain restaurant, although the selection is, as expected, quite limited.

All you have to do is search for “menu,” type in the restaurant’s name and even the city you’re interested in looking for this.

The menu items will be displayed as another one of the company’s content cards. It’s possible to check out multiple sections of the menu and go through them by clicking on the appropriate tab at the top of the card.

The same details can also be viewed on mobile devices simply by starting the search with “show me the menu.”

This move may not be exactly ideal for restaurant who will certainly miss out on some traffic on their sites due to these changes. On the other hand, however, Google is offering a full service to users, helping them save time, and most often than not avoiding getting extremely annoyed with the sites that are difficult to load, as many restaurants have such troubles.

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