Google Sets Up Speak2Tweet for Syrians, the EFF Provides Dial-Up Connections

The internet has been cut off, but there are still some communication methods

Syrians have been cut off from the world by an increasingly desperate government. With the internet gone, it's harder to convey what's happening inside to the outside world.

There have been reports that phone lines are also down, or suffering problems, but the blackout isn't as widespread as is the case with the internet.

This means that the phone lines are now the only option. There have been several attempts at helping those inside get info and have their voices heard.

Google has once again teamed up with Twitter and SayNow and is offering Speak To Tweet for Syrians.

The service enables anyone in Syria to call one of the provided numbers, have their message recorded and attached to a tweet. The numbers to call are here. It was first used during the Egypt uprising.

The EFF is also pointing out that those who still have a working phone line can use a dialup connection to get internet access. This could be very expensive and there's no guarantee of data safety, but it is an option. The EFF provided several dialup configurations that should work.

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