Google Search Finally Gets the Finance and Currency Boxes from the Mobile Site – Gallery

The snazzy new boxes were first introduced to tablets and phones

Google is finally rolling out the OneBoxes it's been using on its mobile sites for a few months now to desktop users. The finance box, the currency converter and other such tools have been updated. Some were already sporting the new look, but this latest update brings them all inline.

The big changes are to the currency converter and the finance box, the ones that were the most left behind. Not all of the tools have been updated, you'll notice that the weather box is still the old one.

All the new boxes are much better defined, a subtle drop shadow effect makes them stand out, and they're much, much better designed.

Larry Page decided that Google could be beautiful not just practical last year and the company has been slowly achieving that. From Android and Chrome OS to Google Search, everything is much better looking.

What is surprising, though, perhaps it shouldn't be, is that Google is thinking "mobile first" as all of these boxes have been enabled for phone and tablet searches for months now. Some, like the revamped weather box is still mobile only.

You should be seeing the new boxes in Google Search, depending on how fast Google is rolling out the changes.

Check out the gallery below for more info on what's changed and compare the new boxes with the ones Google Search for smartphones and tablets have been sporting for months.


The Google Search tools (6 Images)

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