Google Search Adds Christmas and Kwanzaa Easter Eggs to Celebrate the Holidays

Four major holidays of the season are now highlighted

By on December 17th, 2012 18:31 GMT

Google is slowly rolling out its Easter Egg bonanza for the holiday season. It started out with the Festivus decorations, with the Hanukkah Easter Egg landing a bit later. Now, Google is doing the same for Christmas and Kwanzaa, completing the list.

These aren't Easter Eggs per say since they're not all that hidden. All you have to do is search for "festivus," or "christmas," "hanukkah" and "kwanzaa" to see them.

Google has the traditional Festivus pole, a first this year, running alongside the search results. This only became possible after Google Moved the search options and filters to the top of the search results, from the left sidebar.

For all the rest of the holidays, Google has traditional decorations, Christmas lights, the Jewish star for Hanukkah and the Kwanzaa candles.

The holiday Easter Eggs (3 Images)

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