Google Scours 30 Trillion Web Pages, Serves 100 Billion Searches Monthly

Google has shared some impressive stats about its search engine

Google is pretty secretive when it comes to stats, cold hard numbers about its search engine and most of its popular products. Then again, it can afford to be, everyone already knows it's the biggest.

But once in a while Google does reveal some numbers, to show off mostly. In a press event showcasing some of the new things coming to search, like an expanded Knowledge Graph, Google also boasted about some stats.

The Googlebot now crawls about 20 billion pages each and every day. In total, it keeps track of some 30 trillion distinct URLs. That's bound to be a significant portion of the entire web.

Finally, Google said that it serves some 100 billion searches every month. No details on how that number was counted, whether instant results and suggestions have been thrown in, but it's still an impressive figure.

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