Google Maps Says "Sorry" for Naming Berlin Square After Adolf Hitler AFP

The square was named the Adolf Hitler Platz nearly 70 years ago

Google doesn’t always mess up, but when it does, it’s in the most embarrassing way possible. Remember a while back when Google Maps made an entire island magically disappear? Well, now it has named an intersection in Berlin the “Adolf Hitler Platz.”

The particular location was actually named so many years ago, namely between 1933 and 1947, AFP reports.

For several hours on Thursday, however, the plaza was given its old name back and people could actively look for it on Berlin’s map.

“We were made aware of a false and inappropriate street name on Google Maps and corrected it immediately,” said Google’s spokesperson. “We apologize for this mistake.”

The company seems to be confused as to how the mistake occurred, but an investigation has been launched. The situation is quite embarrassing for Google as it brings back something that Germany is trying to forget.

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