Google Saves Goldman Sachs from Embarrassment, Blocks Email with Leaked Client Data Reuters

The account hadn't even been accessed since the critical email was sent

Goldman Sachs’ data is safe, thanks to Google, the bank announced. The Internet giant has complied with the request to block access to an email containing confidential data that ended up on a wrong account by mistake.

The breach occurred on June 23 and involved a contractor sending out a highly important email to a Gmail account rather than a “” one. The bank had asked Google to delete the email, but Google said that a court order was needed for it to intervene.

The bank filed a request with a judge blast on Friday saying that the email contained highly confidential brokerage account information and that Google could help prevent a needless and massive breach of privacy.

Without revealing how many clients were affected, Goldman Sachs actually tried to deal with the issue through other measures as well. On top of contacting Google, the individual who received the email was contacted, but to no avail.

Now, Goldman Sachs can relax because Google has complied with the request and blocked access to the email, Reuters reports.

“It has also notified us that the email account had not been accessed from the time the email was sent to the time Google blocked access. No client information has been breached,” said a spokesperson with the bank.

Crisis averted!

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