Google Said to Debut Same-Day Delivery Program for Its Shopping Site

Google is encroaching into Amazon territory even more

Despite growing signs and concern, Google claims it has no plans whatsoever to take on Amazon in the ecommerce sector.

But its actions say something else, after moving to a paid-only shopping search engine last year, it's now said to be introducing "Google Shopping Express," a program that will offer free same-day delivery from a number of retailers.

The program will cost $64 or $69 a year, cheaper than Amazon Prime which is obviously the main competitor.

Again, Google's program is not a complete replacement for Amazon's, if only because Google has a much smaller collection of products and because it doesn't sell anything itself.

But despite the differences, Google is aiming for the same market. Google Shopping Express is said to be in testing internally, but there's no word on when it might launch.

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