Google Releases First Satellite Images of Sandy's Aftermath

The imagery is available in Google Earth and on its crisis map

Google Earth has just been updated, but it's not just the app that's getting some attention, it's the data inside it as well.

Google has just introduced new satellite imagery, available only in Earth right now, in several areas, crucially, also in some parts of the US affected by Hurricane Sandy.

The shorelines of New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland have gotten new imagery snapped after the super storm passed.

The details aren't great, but you can see some of the damage and the huge amounts of debris left in the wake of the storm.

If you don't have Google Earth, you can check out the new images on Google's Crisis Response team map for Superstorm Sandy. The map also includes a lot of useful information about the effects of the storm.

If you do have Google Earth, you can grab the KML file Google provided and see the new imagery for yourself.

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