Google Releases Chromecast SDK

This means you'll soon be able to broadcast your own content via Chromecast

Google has finally released its Chromecast DSK, several months after the device was officially launched. This will make it easy for developers to build Chromecast support into their apps, be they mobile or web-oriented.

The dongle connects to an HDMI port on a television and allows users to wirelessly stream video, audio or web pages from the computer or mobile devices to the TV. So far, several services have upgraded their apps to work with Chromecast, including HBO, Netflix, Pandora and (naturally) YouTube.

The fact that Google has held on to the SDK so far has made it impossible for users to “cast” their own content to the TV. By revealing the Google Cast Software Development Kit, this will certainly come to an end quite soon, as developers have been quite eager to build apps that lift this restriction.

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