Google Reader Completely Unusable for Some Since Yesterday, Google Is Working on It

Users are reporting several issues with unread counts

Google Reader may not be Google's best known product, but the relatively few people that use it have come to depend on it, if only because there are few alternatives. Still, the fact that Reader is not anywhere close to Google's priorities has been evident for a while.

Now, a series of issues that have been affecting plenty of Reader users since yesterday are pushing users to question Google's commitment to the product even more.

Users are reporting a number of problems, read entries show up as unread, the unread counter is unreliable and so on. Even if everything seems to be working, entries you view may not be marked as read. Google has acknowledged the problem and is looking into it.

Some users are more affected than others. We've stumbled onto some of the issues ourselves, but reloading the page solved the issues each time.

UPDATE: Google has fixed the issues.

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