Google Reaches Record Stock Price of $800, €600

Google has been going from strength to strength recently

Google has broken through the $800, €600 share price barrier, an all-time record for the company. While Google share price has had its ups and downs, it's been mostly going up for the past year or so.

The previous peak was hit in October, but investors got a bit worried after that, leading to a sudden drop in share price, going below $700, €525.

Investor confidence is on the rise again though and, helped by strong Q4 and full year financial results, Google is once again soaring.

At this price, Google is worth almost $265 billion, €200 billion and is one of the most valuable tech companies in the world.

Amazon is worth less than half of that, Facebook a quarter, Microsoft is $30 billion, €22.5 billion cheaper than Google. Apple, even after its recent losses, is still the king in the tech world.

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