Chrome for Android Quietly Gets "Do Not Track"

The option is available in the latest Android beta release

The new Chrome 25 Beta for Android is a very welcomed update to anyone waiting for something new for almost a year since the last major Chrome update. Along with all the new features and all the bugs, there's one addition that Google hasn't said anything about but is actually very important, Do Not Track.

Google only recently added the Do Not Track option to Chrome, after dragging its feet for more than a year, and it's nice to see the feature make it to the mobile browser as well.

Understandably perhaps, Google isn't making much of a fuss about it, but you'll find the option in Settings > Privacy. Enabling Do Not Track should instruct websites to stop using tracking cookies to profile you.

But since no one has been able to agree on how Do Not Track should work, you can thank Microsoft for that, the feature doesn't do much for now, there are only a handful of sites that respect your option.

Still, it's nice to have, Firefox for Android also got the feature recently, if you're concerned about your privacy, you can enable it and hope for the best. Which you're probably not going to do if you're concerned about your privacy in the first place.


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