Google Proves It Didn't Kill a Donkey – Photos

Some Google Street View photos caused an uproar, but were misinterpreted

Since Google Street View practically goes everywhere, it's full of weird and wonderful photos. Sometimes it also captures more gruesome images, though those don't usually stay on the site for long.

Still the "internet" thought it discovered just such a picture, it looked like one of the Google Street View cars hit a donkey and injured it or possibly worse.

As the internet lynch mob was gathering, Google came out and assured everyone that it wasn't what it looked like, the donkey wasn't really hurt and so on.

But it's hard to convince a mob, so Google got proof, the original photos shot at the location. These clearly show that the donkey was actually lying in the road, enjoying a dust bath, when the Street View car came along.

As the car got closer, the donkey got out of the way. Initially, it looked like the photos of the donkey lying down were shot after the car had passed.


Donkey business (3 Images)

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