Google Pledges $2.65 Million, €2 Million for Smarter Energy Use

Google has invested over $1 billion, €750 million in green energy

Google's interests in green technology and green energy are quite spread out. Unlike most other big companies, Google doesn't just "talk" about green technology, it puts a lot of money into it, over $1 billion, €750 million at the last count.

But it's also using some of its wealth in indirect ways, like the grant it has just awarded to the Energy Foundation to sponsor policy reform on energy use.

Google pledged $2.65 million, €2 million to the group with the goal of getting the policy makers involved and working on incentives for smarter energy consumption. Google made the grant under its philanthropic arm.

"What if instead of a monthly bill we had access to more real-time and actionable information about our electricity consumption?," Google asks.

"Technology like smart meters and programmable thermostats make it possible to do this today. The challenge is that the rules governing electricity distribution were written for last century’s grid," it explained.

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