Google+ Photos Gets Zoom and Pan for High-Res Photos

Google+ is already one of the best places on the web for photos

Google+ is already one of the best places on the web to showcase your photos so it's no surprise that it's becoming a favorite place for photographers, even the ones in space. Now, Google+ is getting another feature that should come in handy to those sharing high-resolution photos.

It's a small addition, but it makes the photo viewer even better, it's now possible to zoom in and pan in photos larger than your current viewport.

"Google+ is full of amazing photos, and today we're introducing the ability to pan and zoom when viewing photos from your desktop," Google's Dave Cohen writes.

"Higher resolution photos will offer more to explore, so we're excited to launch pan and zoom just weeks after launching full-size backups of your Android photos," he added.

The feature is already live, all you have to do is use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out and then click and drag to view different parts of the photo.

You can store photos up to 2048 pixels, on the longest margin, for free with Google+ Photos, anything larger than that will take up space on your Google Drive.

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