Google+ Pages Start Showing Number of Total Views

Now you'll know just how popular your Google+ posts and profile are

Google has updated its Google+ platform to display the total content views for profiles and pages.

The numbers are already available to all profiles and can be viewed quite easily. Of course, the amounts aren’t exactly accurate, but more like estimates, as Google itself admits.

On any page, you’ll notice the figures underneath the user’s profile photo, just next to where the number of followers is already displayed. Theoretically, the number covers the views of that individual’s profile page, photos and posts.

The move isn’t exactly unexpected since other social networks are inclining in the same direction, such as Twitter, which has been testing out a feature allowing people to know how many times their tweets have been seen.

Furthermore, Google+ was dubbed a “ghost town” a long time ago, and the fact that no one knew just how visited their pages were didn’t help. Regardless, this is an important metric, especially for those interested to know just what impact they have on the social network.

Although this story drops today, on April Fools’ Day, the information seems to be real. In fact, you can even make the numbers go away by going to the Google+ account settings and clearing the check-box “Show how many times your profile and content have been viewed.”

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