Google Organizes First Ever Indian "Cyber Monday" with 50 Stores Offering Deals

Google is pushing online commerce in India, hoping to cash in from advertising

India is slowly coming online and Google is pushing it along as fast as it can. It's been offering all sorts of bonuses to companies that go online and now it's moving to boost local ecommerce as well with India's very first "Cyber Monday."

Google, along with plenty of local shopping sites, wants to make this a fixture for future years and is dubbing it the "great online shopping festival."

It's happening on a Wednesday, by the way, on December 12th, or 12/12/12. Google has put together to both promote the day and highlight all of the participants.

Over 50 companies have joined, offering online shopping, but also travel offers, banking services and so on. The idea is to get people accustomed to buying stuff online.

For Google, the draw is obvious, the more people that use the web, the more money it makes. Specifically, the more online shops flourish, the more money they'll spend on advertising on Google.

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