Google Opens Up About Its Sci-Fi Data Centers with Art Gallery Worthy Photos [Video]

You can now go to where very few mortals have gone before, even via photos, "the floor"

Google is notoriously secretive about its data centers. There are government secrets and army bases that are less protected.

Google says it's about protecting user data and privacy, but it's more about the competitive edge, data centers are a thing of pride among tech companies.

Google has some details on its designs and talked about the various alternative cooling systems it uses, but details have been sparse.

Not anymore, Google is opening the kimono, or whatever metaphor you prefer, it's offering a tour of several of its data centers.

A very guided tour with shots by professional photographers and some info about what's going on in the photo, but no industrial secret is leaking out this way.

Still, if you've wanted to stare at the heart (and liver, lungs and other organs) powering the internet, or at least the Google portion of the internet, this is your chance.

Google's new website for showcasing its data center tech looks more like a digital art gallery than industrial photos and the data centers look like something sci-fi writers came up with. There's also a Street View, panoramic look at the inside of a data center, complete with Storm Trooper.

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