Google Now Offers a $99 (€76.5) Chromebook to Schools

But it's the older Samsung Series 5 and only if enough people donate

If you thought the $249, €192 Chromebook was cheap, Google is now selling one for $99, €76.5, granted, only to schools. But this isn't the ARM-powered Samsung Chromebook, it's the Series 5 Chromebook which comes with an Intel processor and sells for $399, €308 regularly.

Google is pairing up with, a sort of Kickstarter for charities. Teachers from public schools in the US that want to equip their students with Chromebooks can make a request and, if enough people donate, they'll get the devices.

It's a worthy project from Google, but there are a few catches. The Series 5 is an old-generation Chromebook powered by an Intel Atom processor. For comparison, the new Acer C7 Chromebook comes with a newer Intel Celeron processor and only sells for $199, €154.

That said, the Series 5 is already the most popular Chromebook with schools, mostly because it was the cheapest option for a long time. Google boasts that more than 1,000 schools have deployed Chromebooks, some to thousands of students.

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