Google News Search Gets a More Modern Look, Better Grouping

The news search page has gotten a visual revamp to fall in line with the regular News

Google News is getting a small redesign, the search results section is now more like Google News itself. Apart from the new layout, there is also a new way of grouping news that are linked together, only the top result now gets an expanded view, the rest get just one source.

"Last year we updated Google News to make it easier for you to scan for stories that are interesting to you and let you dig deeper when you find them. Today we’re announcing an update that brings some of those same ideas to news search," Google wrote.

The changes should be live already for most users, but you may still see the old page. The new results show up if you search from Google News or select the "news" filter in Google Search.

The big change is that news clusters will be collapsed by default, apart from the very first one, and you have to click "show more" to see more links.

There is more multimedia content as well, a strip with photos or videos will be displayed for some results. Finally, photos are now displayed to the left of the results.

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