Google Maps Unleashes New High Resolution 45 Degree Images in 30 Cities

Along with high resolution aerial images and satellite images for tens of locations

Not to be outdone, by Bing, Google is boasting about the brand new high resolution imagery it's unleashing in Maps. There's new aerial, aka 45 degree imagery, for 30 cities around the world, but also satellite images for 60 locations.

Granted, most of the images are in the US, as is almost always the case, 23 out of the 30 cities to get aerial images are from the states, but that still leaves seven cities for the rest of the world. Well, two countries really, France and Spain.

Along with the bird's eye images, there's new high resolution aerial imagery for a few tens of locations, including 20 new ones.

These images are shot from a plane, but are looking directly down, like satellite images. But satellites are only good up to a certain resolution, for more details planes are needed.

That said, there is new satellite data for a few tens of countries as well. The full list is in Google's blog post.


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