Google Maps’ New Green World – a Massive Update to Terrain and Vegetation [Gallery]

Terrain and vegetation maps are now much more detailed

Google Maps just got a very big visual update and, for once, it's not about the UI, it's about the actual maps. The default map now shows a lot more terrain and vegetation details.

What this means is that you'll be able to get a much better idea of the makeup of large area, but also of the terrain of smaller regions.

"Google Maps now clearly shows terrain, color gradations to depict vegetation, and labels for natural land formations," Google explained.

"This enriched visual data allows you to quickly and easily see where the great forests, deserts, and mountain ranges around the world begin and end," it said.

The best way to understand the changes is to see them, you'll notice the new details from the get-go, even if you may not remember how Maps used to look like.

Three types of data are now depicted in much greater detail. Terrain data shows the height profiles of different regions and the more detailed view is very useful when looking at mountain ranges for example.

Vegetation is now displayed throughout the world, desert regions are shown in pale colors and denser vegetation is displayed as progressively dark greens. The final update is labels for large geographic features, such as the Amazon Basin.


The new terrain and vegetation maps (4 Images)

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