Google Maps Debuts Aerial, 45° Imagery in France, Starting with Avignon

There's updated or new imagery for 18 other places

Google regularly provides updated images for Google Maps, they wouldn't be much use if roads or buildings in them were no longer there or had changed. Along with satellite imagery, which covers the entire planet, Maps also provides aerial imagery, shot from a plane, of major cities around the world.

These images provide a different perspective, quite literally, as they're not top down like satellite images but rather angled at 45 degrees. This way, you can marvel at a building from all sites and get a much better view in a city.

Google regularly provides new images for cities it hasn't covered yet or updated imagery in the ones that it has. The latest update covers eight international locations and 11 US cities.

It's also the first time aerial imagery has been made available in France starting with the historic city of Avignon.

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