Google Maps Competition Deemed Illegal in India

The local mapping authorities are complaining about lack of permission

It seems that Google Maps is disproportionately the product that gets Google in trouble; sometimes it's rightfully so, like when its Street View cars captured Wi-Fi data from open networks; sometimes it can be because mapping laws are archaic in many places.

Case in point is India, where Google has been trying to get the local population involved in improving Google Maps.

This has been the strategy in most countries in recent years, volunteers are going to have much better knowledge of the local area and the best part is that they come for free.

Google recently ran a competition in the country where volunteers made contributions to Google Maps in exchange for several prizes.

It seems though that the competition ran afoul of local laws. The Indian government, specifically the survey and mapping agency, is now complaining that Google didn't get permission to organize the competition.

Google argues that it didn't ask for info on any sensitive or strategic location and it didn't receive any. It also claims that it notified all the relevant local authorities.

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