Google Leases New Office Space in San Francisco FT

Google could have some 200 employees work in the new building

Google has reportedly leased a new huge building in San Francisco and could even be looking to hire some new engineers in the coming months.

According to the Financial Times, the building that the Internet giant has leased has some 35,000 square feet, which means that it could fit some 200 employees. The new location could host engineers from recent acquisitions, including Nest Labs, SlickLogin, and Boston Dynamics.

Over the past year, Google has been very active in acquiring new companies, investing quite a bit of money in these new projects.

The new office is located in the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco. The company already has an office in the SoMa neighborhood and has plans for another one in the South Park area.

The fact that the company is planning on opening yet another office in San Francisco could once again upset locals who have already been protesting the tech companies in the area since their presence is pushing rents higher. The shuttle busses of tech companies including Google and Facebook have already been victims of the locals’ rage.

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