Google Launches Typhoon Pablo Crisis Map

The tool has info on the typhoon, weather, shelter locations and so on

Google's Crisis Response team has put together a Typhoon Pablo crisis map, similar to the one for Hurricane Sandy and others before it. The team has been at it for years and has a range of tools for these situations at its disposal.

"On the map, you’ll find storm warnings, shelter locations, the latest weather information, and more. The map is available in English, as well as Filipino. You can also find the map embedded on the Filipino government’s Pablo site," Google explained.

The map is updated with new data as it comes in. The resource is great, but the big problem is going to be how people are going to access it, internet access is rare enough in normal conditions in the Philippines.

The typhoon has already made landfall on Mindanao with winds of up to 195 km/h, 121 mph and is now leaving the second biggest island in the Philippines.

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