Google Launches Photowall for Chromecast for iOS Devices

Google lets iOS users create cool memories with this new tool

Photowall for Chromecast is a brand new app from Google that was created specifically for the company’s Chromecast dongle.

This marks a rare occurrence for Google, namely an app that was introduced to the Apple App Store before becoming available to Android users. However, this may just be a small delay and the app could still reach Android devices.

The tool is quite simple and it doesn’t require a lot of practice to get the hang of it. Basically, people can cast photos from their Apple devices to Chromecast and create cool photowalls. These are later turned into YouTube videos automatically, which can be shared with anyone who took part in the process.

To make things even funnier, Google enables anyone to doodle over the images before they’re sent to the big screen.

Chromecast was launched last summer and has since been received quite well by the public. For $35, people can forgo annoying cables and just put the device into the HDMI ports on their big screen TVs and cast content from their mobile devices, be they smartphones or tablets, or from their computers.

Google has recently opened up its SDK to developers everywhere, so a trove of Chromecast apps is surely on the way.

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