Google Latitude to Be Shut Down on August 9

The service is going to close down to aid Google+ traffic

Google is shutting down another one of its services, namely Latitude, which will stop working starting August 9.

Google Latitude is closing down as part of the Maps redesign, the company announced. All of its various location-centric APIs will go offline at the same time.

This service lets users find friends and family members on a map, as well as share their location with the people they choose.

Furthermore, Google is also going to remove the check-in functionality that comes with Maps and asks people to use Google+ instead, in an effort to bring more traffic to their not-so-successful social network.

You’ll also have to turn to Google+ if you want to share your location with friends. While this feature is not currently available in the iOS version of the app, the company promises an update soon.

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