Google Kicks Off the Holidays with a Festivus Miracle and an Easter Egg

The first holiday Easter Egg is here, but others should be coming

Google is getting ready for the holidays, while Easter is still months away, Google is already dropping quite a few Easter Eggs. Do a search for Festivus, the alternative winter time holiday, and you'll find the search results page all adorned for the celebration.

In this case, it means a plain aluminum pole to the side of the results. Google has always had holiday-themed Easter Eggs, but this is the first for Festivus. It's also the first to run along the side where the search options and filters used to reside.

It's odd that Google doesn't have the same thing for Christmas or Hanukkah this year, especially since Hanukkah has already started.

Maybe, Google is ignoring religious holidays this year or it simply doesn't want to repeat itself all that often. Chances are though, there are more Easter Eggs coming this month.

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