Google Introduces Its One-Stop-Shop Oscars Page

Google is very dedicated to the Oscars this year, it seems

A few days ago, Google debuted a new Oscars portal with plenty of info on the upcoming awards ceremony, but Google stayed quiet about it. Now it's making it official and detailing some of the things you'll find on the site.

Google has done all of this in partnership with the organizers of the awards ceremony and hasn't pulled any stops.

The site is designed as a one-stop-shop for all your Oscar needs, all the nominees for all the categories are listed and you can easily search for more info on any of them.

There are also predictions based on search activity, it should be interesting to see how well they reflect the reality. Google also put together a short "Year in Film" video to get you up to speed.

"For the past 85 years, millions of people throughout the world have gathered around their TVs to watch the Oscars and celebrate the people who make these moments possible," Google explained.

"For the first time, we've created a one-stop shop to help you get more of what you love about the Oscars," it added.

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