Google I/O 2013 Registration Opens March 13

Tickets will sell out very fast, be prepared if you want to go

Google's developer extravaganza is getting bigger each year. In 2012, Sergey Brin had people jump out of a blimp to deliver several pairs of Google Glass to the stage. Some other things happened as well.

There may or may not be any aerial acrobatics this year, but there will be plenty of product announcements, some new Nexus devices are guaranteed, new technologies and maybe even some things for the developers that pay to attend the event.

If you want to be one of those developers, you'll need to move fast, really fast. Not now, but on March 13, when Google opens up registration for the conference.

Incidentally, that will be when it closes registration since all the tickets will be gone in minutes, judging by what has happened in previous years.

If you plan to get your hands on Google I/O 2013 tickets, be ready on March 13, 7AM PDT. That's 10AM on the East coast, 14:00 GMT.

You'll also need a Google+ profile and a Google Wallet account, just like last year. Also similar to last year are the prices, $900, €683 for regular attendees, $300, €228 for students and professors. Tickets sold out in 20 minutes then, they may be gone even sooner this year.

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