Google I/O 2013: 900 Million People Have Android Phones, Installing 48 Billion Apps

Android is a juggernaut, no one is surprised at this point

The 2013 edition of Google I/O is off to a running start. With only one keynote and plenty of announcements to make, Google can't afford to lose too much time, even if it's got three hours.

Yet the company spent quite a lot of time detailing just how great its products are doing.

Normally, if you see Sundar Pichai on stage you'd know what to expect. But he now leads both Chrome and Android so he's in charge of a rather huge portion of Google.

Still, the first topic of the day is Android. There were 100 million activations in 2011 and 400 million in 2012. Now, there are 900 million. That's close to one billion people using an Android smartphone. But Google is not satisfied, there are seven billion people in the world after all.

And all of these people are sure loving their phones, as there have been 48 billion app installs in total, from which 2.5 billion only in the last month.

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