Google I/O 2012 Registration Now Open, Tickets to Sell Out Soon

All tickets were sold in less than an hour last year

Registration is now open on tickets for Google I/O 2012. The developer conference has proven rather popular in the previous years and will not take place in June over three days. Prices cost twice as much this year, but this shouldn't prove a deterrent, as tickets sold out within an hour last year.

If you're planning to go to the conference or have been thinking about it, now is your chance, as tickets are likely to sell out just as fast or maybe even faster than last year, considering that most people now know how fast they were gone in 2011.

Google pushed I/O about a month so it could expand it to three days rather than two like in previous years. It also doubled ticket prices, but considering that it's been rather generous in the past, handing out Android phone and Chromebooks, at least part of the money should be recouped this way.

UPDATE: And they're gone, all tickets have been sold in less than 30 minutes.

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