Google Hotel Finder Gets Smarter, Adds Neighborhood Info, Natural Language Search

Making it easier to find the hotel you want and the best neighborhood to stay in

Google's Hotel Finder tool has been around for a while, but it's getting a decent update now. It's now easier to find the best places to stay in a city you plan to visit, both in terms of the actual hotel and the area where it's located.

"Just go to and choose the city you’re planning to visit. After you pick your travel dates, you’ll see a small panel on the top left corner of the results map," Google explained.

"You can hover over that panel to see descriptions of different neighborhoods within the city you’ll be visiting," it added.

The idea is to make it possible to find out more not just about the hotels but about the area, what's nearby, what's interesting and if it's the sort of place you'd want to visit.

Google is also making it easier to find the right hotel with an improvement to the filters. It's now possible to do a natural language query and Google Hotel Finder will set the appropriate filters.

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