Google Hits the Mark with Its Father's Day Doodle

All fathers, as different as they are, are celebrated in a single doodle

Google had a very interesting doodle for Father's Day. It's not overly complicated, just a simple animated doodle. But the fun part was that the doodle was actually made up of different, randomized components.

That's actually a very smart choice, as Google couldn't have been able to capture everything that "father" means to everyone with just one image.

Rather, it chose to depict all sorts of fathers doing all kinds of things. Also interesting is that Google decided to split the various poses in three, so there's actually a large number of possible "dad" combinations.

You may get one dad sipping coffee at a baseball game, another barbecuing on the beach, and yet another bringing a golf club to a soccer game.

The idea behind is to illustrate the many roles and forms fathers take, an acknowledgement that there's no universal blueprint or mold to which fathers have to conform.

Some combinations are quite funny. The doodle was displayed on the homepage in plenty of countries that celebrate Father's Day, but if you missed it, you can still find it in the Doodle archives.

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