Google Had to Remove 51 Million Pirate Links This Year

Google got 3.5 million requests just last week and the number keeps growing

Earlier this year, Google decided to reveal all the takedown requests it got for copyright infringing content and reveal who made them. It was supposed to provide some transparency and maybe put some pressure on rights holders who always go by the mantra "shoot first, ask questions later."

The move did provide more transparency, but if Google wanted copyright owners to back down under the public scrutiny, it failed miserably.

That's because the number of takedown requests has exploded ever since Google started publishing them.

There may not be a direct link, copyright holders may just be more zealous, but it's clear that the tool made it clearer to some parties that they could get Google to remove links to infringing content on a massive scale.

Each month and almost each week brings new record numbers of takedowns. Google got 3.5 million takedown requests last week alone, a 15 times increase over a week in January this year, as TorrentFreak reports.

All in all, Google was asked to remove 51 million links from its search results this year. While Google does sometimes challenge the requests, it approves most of them, meaning that a large portion of the 51 million links has been removed.

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