Google: Government Surveillance on the Rise, over 20,000 Inquiries Made in 2012

The search engine giant has released a new Transparency Report

Google has released another one of its Transparency Reports. The search engine giant reveals that government surveillance is definitely on the rise.

The figures show that in the first half of 2012, government entities have made 20,938 inquiries. The requests targeted 34,614 accounts.

As far as takedown requests are concerned, they have recorded an increase in the first part of 2012. Google removed 17,746 pieces of content in response to a total of 1,791 requests.

Between January and June, the US ordered the removal of seven YouTube videos that criticized the government and law enforcement or public officials. However, Google did not remove the said clips.

On the other hand, they did remove 1,664 posts from Google Groups that were related to a case of “continuous defamation against a man and his family.”

Overall, for the US, the number of removal requests increased by 46% compared to the previous six months.

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