Google Glass Runs on Android, Says Larry Page

The high-tech glasses from Google run on the company's OS


The hyped Google Glass runs on a modified version of Android, Google CEO Larry Page has confirmed in a press conference. While many have speculated on the firmware the product is running, this is the first time Google addresses the topic directly.

During Google’s quarterly earnings call, CEO Larry Page said that “obviously”, Glass runs on Android, since the operating system has been “pretty portable across devices,” AdroidHeadlines points out.

The Google official is obviously hinting at the fact that Android has proven to be quite flexible and runs on cameras, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Since computing devices such as Google Glass are still new on the market, this is an area that is yet to be covered by Android.

Developers who regularly create apps for Android devices should be happy to hear the news, since it means their work can go over to Glass seamlessly.

While there is still some time to go until the devices hit the market, I’m sure everyone involved is trying to think of innovative ways to make it work.

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