Google Glass Receives App That Lets You Nod to Pay with Bitcoins

“Eaze” has just entered beta, but developers have big plans for it

Today Google Glass has received a new app that will help users play with Bitcoins. Dubbed “Eaze,” the app has just entered beta.

Google has been working to integrate Wallet with Glass in a way that is safe for everyone to use, and others are surely interested in building similar tools to integrate the gadget, but a startup has gotten ahead of everyone.

“Eaze” allows users to use voice commands and uses image recognition to activate the service. Nodding your head will confirm and complete payments.

The first time news about this particular app hit the world was back in February, and now the developers behind “Eaze” claim they’re the first ones to implement a payment solution to Glass.

The app has integrated Bitcoin wallets Coinbase and, but it has plans to add traditional currencies such as dollars and euros to the list soon as well. This will be done through separate wallets for each currency.

“We are in talks with wallets that handle FIAT currencies. It all depends a bit on the right API’s. But we expect this summer to add the first,” Co-Founder Raimo van der Klein told TechCrunch.

“Eaze” may even work with PayPal in the future. The eBay-owned company’s service already works with Samsung Gear, so it would only make sense for it to work with Glass eventually.

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