Google Glass Owners Get Invited to Upgrade to Second Generation for Free

If you already have a Google Glass, you can switch over to the new one

Google has sent out invitations to Glass owners to swap their devices for the latest models for free.

The company has been working on the second edition of Google Glass for a while now and the devices seem to finally be ready for shipping.

The nice thing is that they are offering up the new Glasses for free. Considering that a pair cost members of the Explorer program $1,500 (€1,103) just a few months back, it seems like a good idea to allow for a free upgrade.

Google says the new devices look identical, but they’re faster and more durable, which is always nice with gadgets. They’re also compatible with the upcoming prescription lenses for the device, something that they’ve been working on for some time now. They will also work with the new shades and the mono earbud.

The offer is available for anyone who ordered their device by October 28, 2013.

Just earlier this week, it was also revealed that Glass owners were given the opportunity to buy a second device for a friend or family member.

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